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I offer readings using my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts, and also cards and runes. I began working in 1983, and will give you my interpretation of upcoming events in your life.  I also focus on the specific areas of your life that you choose to explore, for example relationship or career matters.


You can visit me for a recorded reading, or I can give you a reading over the phone, (clients from overseas usually choose this option), and I will then email you a precis of the next six months, or you may simply ask me to email you a copy of your reading. For all bookings please pay on the PayPal button on the ‘make a booking’ page (see link at the bottom of this page), where my pricing structure can be seen,  and for in person or phone readings email me to arrange a mutually convenient time at:


Please let me know just your name, and what type of reading, (in person, by phone or by email), you would like.  I will let you know by email that I have received your request and make an appointment with you if you would like your reading by phone or in person.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about my readings before making a booking.

It’s fine for two people to come for reading appointments together.  All readings are confidential, but if you would like a friend with you that’s fine. I intend that a reading with me will leave you feeling positive about your life, and maybe seeing a different perspective on your life situation than previously.

"I certainly think Caroline has the perfect name for her business : The Positive Energy Centre, as that is exactly how l felt leaving her premises at the end of my reading."


Tina L. Norfolk

Readings last up to one hour, depending on how much information ‘comes through’ to me. I begin with an overview of the next six months and sometimes give information on past lives as well.  Exploring relationship and career matters follows and also a look ahead to 18 months. Any area that is not of interest can usually be substituted for another if I’ve been given prior notice.

What do the cards hold for you? To find out call Caroline on

07976 311 173 or email


Friends and confidantes welcome

What to expect from your reading

Readings when you visit me in person are recorded on a cd for you. If you would like to record your reading on your own mobile ‘phone or other device that’s absolutely fine.


Please note for all readings I make the usual following standard professional legal disclaimer: ‘All readings are for entertainment purposes only and you are responsible for any decisions you make based on the information given in your reading’.


If you are under 16, I will need parental consent to work for you.


To make a booking for your clairvoyant reading, please click here.

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