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Developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s, Bach Flower Remedies use the essence of flowers to help improve and restore your natural emotional balance. This not only helps with emotional issues, but enhances your body’s ability to heal itself. Bach Remedies have spread worldwide, with trained practitioners listed in 69 countries, and Rescue Remedy has become famous as an effective aid in a crisis situation. I am a Registered Bach Foundation Practitioner and have been using Bach Flower Remedies since 1987.

There are Bach remedies to treat physical tiredness, and every mood, including feeling unlovable, angry, critical or fearful. There are also specific remedies for different types of sadness. All these symptoms are just signs that  a person has lost their natural balance, and many thousands of people worldwide have found the remedies to be an effective way to make one feel happy with oneself and with life.

When you arrive we will sit down and talk about how you are feeling.  The choice of remedies is made on the basis of your emotional condition. We may talk about your hopes, fears and any difficulties you have such as worrying about others, having difficulty sleeping at night or being unable to find your true vocation.

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We will then discuss the different flower remedies, what effect each has and how they can be used specifically to improve your emotional balance – and thereby put you in the best state possible to deal with any challenges you are facing.


You will decide which you feel are the most important issues to work on and in this way we will choose the remedies which will make up your personal prescription together. To be most effective, the prescription should not have more than seven remedies – so the skill is in selecting which are the best flower remedies for you.


You can return for a further session with me, but these appointments can also be done over the ‘phone or by email if you would prefer, (at a reduced fee). You will be given clear instructions about how and when to take the remedies to make you feel your best self again.


To book a Bach Remedy session with me, please go to the Make a Booking page or email me at

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Bach Remedies

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