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Caroline inherited her spiritual gifts and was aware of them as a child. She works primarily as a clairvoyant, (see readings tab for more information), using clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant skills and focusing mainly on the six months ahead, but also works as a spiritual healer and with Bach Flower Remedies.


Caroline is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in the prescribing of Bach Flower Remedies.

You can read what other people have said about Caroline’s work on the testimonials page and you can find out more about what she offers with regard to readings, healing, remedies and workshops on other tabs on this site.

"Caroline is authentic and deeply spiritually connected, and I recommend her.”


Seema, Canada

As a qualified teacher, (DTLLS, QTLS) Caroline also runs different workshops which at present include those in which you can develop your own ‘sixth sense’ through learning to read tarot,  and how to prescribe Bach Flower Remedies for yourself and others. You can find out more about workshop opportunities on this site.

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Caroline is a friendly, down to earth person with a love of nature, who grew up on a farm. She believes that the ancient spiritual wisdom of many cultures and science differ only in approach, and that everything in the universe is energy, from angels to atoms.


Her attitude towards clairvoyance is that it is a kind of “remote viewing”, part of  the field named by Cambridge University biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake as ‘morphic resonance’, and which psychologist Carl Jung described as a  ‘mass consciousness’ which could be mentally accessed, so that it’s no longer very mysterious.  Quantum physicists have begun to conceptualise that there are actually 10 dimensions plus time, therefore ‘gifted’ individuals like clairvoyants and genuine holistic healers, who are aware of and work with energy are, Caroline believes, simply operating in a broader/deeper environment mentally than is usual, through conscious connection with the constant wave-particle interactions of quantum mechanics.

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